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Hi, my name is Lennard Feddersen and I've been making video games since I discovered Applesoft in the early 1980's!

From 1987 to the end of 2002 I wrote games for all kinds of machines ranging from the Apple II, C64 and 8-bit NES up to the Dreamcast and PS II. In late 2002 I was part of the team working on City of Heroes when I left Cryptic Studios and big budget game development behind to make the kind of niche market indie. games that interest me.

My current focus is on Real Estate Empire 3 and Real Estate Empire Deck. You can play Real Estate Empire Online at

I have developed a real estate card game called Real Estate Empire Deck which I will be releasing soon!

If you want to contact me please email Lennard using the URL for this site.

Rusty Axe Games