Rusty Axe Games

Deploying To Your Website!

Your last step is to get the URL that you will use to link your website to the Rusty Axe website and you are ready to start selling games with us!

Each ad image you use needs a specific affiliate URL in order that BMT Micro, our processor, can track your sales and pay your affiliate commission.

To get your custom URL, sign in here: Fill in your name and password, and click "Login."

Select the "Products" tab and then click on "Full Product List" from the pull-down menu.

BMT Micro Product List copy

You will get a list showing all the products available to affiliates using BMT Micro.

Affiliate Product List copy

At the top, it says: "Filter by: Vendor Name". In the box next to that type Rusty Axe Games and hit the return/enter key on your computer. You will get a list of all our available products. Important – You must click “JOIN” in order to join the list and be able to see the links to the custom URLs.

Rusty Axe Product List

Choose the product called “Generic product” from the list and click on "show links" which will show you the following URL but with your affiliate ID.

Generic Product Link

This is the link that will bring your customers to the Rusty Axe Games website to shop. Now create a link on your website which uses the ad. image of your choice and this link. Even though the link points to BMTMicro your user will be routed to - the link to BMTMicro just does some book keeping to make sure that your affiliate cookie can get set first.

Rusty Axe Games