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Now that Dungeon Demon version 1.1 has been released I'm starting to look at what new features should be added for 1.2:

My plan is to release new versions of the editor at a quicker pace, ideally every 4-6 months which means I'll be picking a few new features to add, implementing them and then putting the editor into use for awhile to be comfortable that I haven't introduced some heinous new problem before releasing the next version. Here are the features I am currently contemplating - if you are using the tool and have some feedback then I would love to hear from you.

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Dungeon Demon 1.2 potential new features list:


1. Auto-auto walls! This would augment the new auto-wall tool in that it would look at the floor layer and automagically figure out where walls should go and then... put them there!

2. Faster graphic loading. Not much of an issue until you start to add lots of graphics but then Dungeon Demon can be a bit sluggish to start.

3. Brushes. This would be a series of stencils that could be applied to any texture to create a brush in the shape of the stencil and using the selected texture. This one is high on my personal wish list.

4. Add drop down menu for adding OGL monster stats to legend text at cursor position.

5. Eraser tool (would go under zoom in and zoom out icons on the graphic selector tool bar).

6. Read & write .jpg files.

7. Options control panel for comprehensive customization.

8. Add text tool and objects to map.

9. Hexagonal & octogonal grid displays.

10. Rotate & scale stamper objects.

11. Export .PNG files.