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Inked Adventures - Core

This version of the art pack comes as a .zip file containing all source artwork in PNG format with a commercial use license for game developers looking for high quality, royalty free art to use in their games! This does not get you the artwork for use in Dungeon Demon Online - click the account tab in DDO to add art packs to your DDO library!

Click to buy commercial use version: $29.99 or use Trialpay to

Commercial use license includes seperate PNG files in higher resolution for all your editing needs. Can be used for computer games and RPG gaming aides but not for redistribution as part of an art pack.

Rusty Axe Games is very proud to work with Inked Adventures to offer a huge assortment of dungeon goodies in an absolutely gorgeous art style. You can purchase the IA-CORE art pack from within Dungeon Demon Online by clicking on the Account tab and then selecting the "Graphics Shoppe" menu item!

Inked Adventures - Core, img #1
As you can see from the graphic sheets, Inked Adventures - Core is an evocative hand drawn art style that recalls the magic and mystery of early RPG games. Created by the incomparable Billiam Babble of Inked Adventures fame. BB's evocative work reminds me of playing Dungeons and Dragons in the afternoons and evenings of my youth, of buying the latest issue of Dragon or the newest adventure module that TSR had on offer and laying under the trees in our backyard and reading them front to back.

IA - Core includes:

  • 41 layout tiles including many floor types, stairs, sewer grates and more!
  • 23 fixture layer stair types that work with any layout layer beneath and a variety of door types
  • 69 dungeon objects!
Rusty Axe Games