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Commercial Licensing

Dungeon Demon art packs can also be purchased for use, royalty free, in your own game creations. This includes commercial video games as well as pencil and paper games. The only restriction is that you can't bundle them and sell them as art packs.

Commercial License:

A commercial license purchase gets you the source artwork in 32-bit PNG format and allows for royalty free re-use in your pencil and paper RPG games, your strategy board games and your computer games.

For those folks, like me, who like it all spelled out, here are the rules:

1. You may not rebundle the artwork and sell it as artwork without compositing it into a larger work. It's meant to be used as artwork in an adventure, not for you to resell as any kind of art pack!

2. You may not modify the artwork and then redistribute it as individual pieces. You may modify artwork and then put it into a dungeon or adventure map and then distribute those maps.

That's about it. The spirit of our license is that we want you to be able to create great adventures that you can distribute freely to your users or customers. If you can sell your creations and want to do so then great. A mention that your dungeons have been created with Dungeon Demon would be appreciated! When contemplating some usage that is not clearly described above then please contact us for explicit permission. Please remember, art packs require a high degree of skill and substantial investment so rule #1 is in place to allow us a reasonable chance to recoup our art pack investment so we can develop more great art packs for you!

Commercial art packs are shipped with alpha channel PNG files. This gives designers complete flexibility in how they choose to use our art packs.

Commercial use license includes seperate PNG files in higher resolution for all your editing needs. Can be used for computer games and RPG gaming aides but not for redistribution as part of an art pack. You can click on any of the individual art packs listed at the bottom of this page to go their description page where there is a buy link for each pack.

Click on the following links to find out more about individual art packs!

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