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Publish Your Art Packs

So. You've made a great art pack and you want to share it with the world! There are a number of ways in which you can accomplish this.

You can trade user art packs as zip files with other users independent of Rusty Axe. Other users will just place your file on their hard drive and load it directly into DDO.

If you want to give away your images on the Rusty Axe website then you can send me an email with a link to images to look at. Assuming your content isn't going to offend the regular DDO user then I'll help you package up your assets for DDO users and put them on the website.

If you want to sell your graphics on the Rusty Axe website then you set your price and I will convert that to Rusty Axe coins which is necessary to avoid losing a high percentage of your sale to credit card processing costs.

If you want to make your graphics available with a commercial license then we can talk about that as well. Once your art pack has been accepted then I'll put your pack up for sale in the art store so that all of your fellow DDO users can start enjoying your creation!

I pay a 70% royalty, sending royalties at the end of every month where you have at least $25 in owed royalties. I pay via Paypal so you must have a valid Paypal account.
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