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User Created Art Packs

You can create your own art packs for use with Dungeon Demon Online!

User defined art packs in DDO are stored as .zip files on your hard drive. You can have a lot of graphics stored in your art pack! Specifically, 200 floor textures, 200 fixture textures, 200 objects, 200 tokens and 200 legend markers!

Creating an art pack involves adding a number to each of your graphic files which can be PNG or JPG files.

Floor textures don't require transparency so you can make them .JPG files if you want to reduce their size and improve your load times a little. Name your floor tiles with consecutive numbers starting at 100200, ie. you could name your floor tiles granite100200.jpg, granite100201.jpg, granite100202.jpg. The first 40 floor tiles will also be automatically built into wall pieces for you!

Fixtures start with 100700 and can go as high as 100899. If you have 4 fixture graphics you could, for example, name them fixture100700.png, fixture100701, fixture100702.png, fixture100703.png. Your fixture textures should be PNG files because fixtures usually have transparency in them which flash based .JPG files don't support.

Object, token and legend files all can benefit from transparency so should be PNG files. Here are all the file numbers:

Floor textures start at 100200.

Legend textures start at 100400.

Fixture textures start at 100700.

Object files start at 100900.

When you have all of your files created, put them into a work directory and zip them up. To load them into Dungeon Demon Online go to the File tab inside the program, click on it and then click on Load User Graphic Pack from the pop down menu. Use the browser to find your file, click it and it will be loaded up and added to your graphics library!
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