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Manual - Accounts, Art Libraries & Premium Features

Account Menu:

Creating an account is neccessary if you want to create a graphic pack library to augment the free graphics that come with DDO. Also, if you want premium features such as the ability to save and load maps and the ability to save a bitmap image of your map then you will need to upgrade a free account to a premium account.

You can buy premium account usage for periods of time when you are going to use it and then let it lapse until you need it again.

account tutorial image

account tutorial image

You buy art packs and premium accounts using Rusty Axe coins. Go to the Account tab and click on Account Info. to get information about your account and your graphics library.

You can add more coins to your account using our offerwall either by performing a variety of simple tasks or you can use your Paypal account!

User Graphics Packs:

There are 4 options in the Options menu. Gloom and Wall Shadows have been covered under lighting. Toggling "Tokens Snap To" on makes objects on the tokens layer center on grids. Default Lights is a tool that will reset all object lights back to original settings - useful if you have changed all of your lights and don't want to restart. Objects already in the map will retain their light settings, all objects dropped in afterwards will use their initial settings unless you subsequently change them.

floor tutorial image
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