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Manual - Editing Tools

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Editing Tools:

Everything that you place into a DDO map can be editted using a power key.

Put your cursor over a piece in the map and press any of the following keys:

Press DEL key to delete that object and any light that might be attached to it.
Press A to put that object into Adjust Mode. You can then rotate, drag or delete (DEL key again) that object. Press Escape to get out of Adjust Mode. If there is a light attached to the object then you can remove the light (select No Light from the drop down Lights selector) and use the Luminance and Radius sliders to edit that light instance.

Press P to pick up that object and its layer. This does not put the object into adjust mode but is a quick and easy way to select an object that is already in the map to add more like it.

Press R to rotate the current object. Click on the Pack arrows (if any - you will need to have purchased additional art packs) to select a different pack.

Press G to edit current gloom settings (see the Lighting section from the drop down Manual menu).
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