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Manual - File Menu

File Menu:

The file menu, as you might expect, contains a tool for re-initializing the map with the "New Map" command. If you have a premium account then "Open XML" and "Save XML" commands are available to you. "Open XML" will open a previously saved map file. "Save XML" will save a text file to your hard drive in the location that you specify and with the extension that you specify (this is a Flash limitation that doesn't allow an application programmer to force an extension such as .XML...) The file saved will be a standard XML file that you can then load into a program of your own devising if you so wish. Another premium user "File Menu" option is to "Write PNG" which will allow you to save a 32-bit PNG file to your local hard drive that you can then upload to the web, onto Facebook or into another paint program for further touchup. User graphics packs let you load zip files containing PNG & JPG graphic files that you or others make. More on how to create user graphics packs below. Lastly "Print Map" will do just that, allowing you to select which printer (if you have multiple printers available on your machine or network) you want to use to print with.

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