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Create Tools:

Dungeon Demon Online has 3 tools that help make dungeons in a hurry all of which can be found under the Create menu. The Uber tool is Instant Dungeon which will build a complete dungeon layout, complete with walls, at the click of a button. Try it now for some instant dungeon building gratification!

The other two tools are Instant Floors which, you guessed it, builds a floor layout. Instant Walls will put walls around any floors that you have created - tweak a floor layout and you can just hit Instant Walls to fix up the walls.

When floors are built they use the currently selected floor tile on the floor layer. Similarily when walls are built they use the set of walls that are currently selected - walls come in 3 parts (straight, corner and cap), select any of the 3 in a given set and that set will be used.

create tools tutorial image
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