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Manual - Layers

Adding graphics to a layer:

After starting click on the "OK" button to get past the title page, taking you to a blank map that looks like graph paper. You can click on the map to plot floor tile pieces as you can see I have done in the image to the right.

Note all of the vertical tabs across the right hand side of the edit page. Those are individual layers that are drawn one after another. For example the top layer, Floors, will be drawn before Walls and all other layers that follow it.

floor tutorial image

wall tutorial image


In the graphic to the left you can see that I have switched to the Walls layer and built walls around the floors I previously laid out. There are two ways to make layouts. You can click on a layer and start editing or you can use the Create Tab to access instant options - more on that in a bit!

Note that floors in DDO require that you have 2 spaces in between so that wall areas can be built properly.

Layer Types:

There are 2 different layer types in DDO. Floors, Walls and Fixed Objects are all grid layers which means that you can have one of them per 100x100 pixel grid spot in the map. The Object, Token and Legend layers are arbitrarily sized graphics that can be placed anywhere on the map and you can have as many as you want in an area (depending upon your machine there may be performance issues with large numbers of graphics placed in a map).

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