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Manual - Lighting


lighting tutorial image #1
lighting tutorial image #2
lighting tutorial image #3
lighting tutorial image #4

Lighting is your secret weapon when it comes to creating beautiful, atmospheric dungeons.

There are several lighting tools in Dungeon Demon. You can enable wall shadows, as seen in the 2nd image above, from the Options menu by turning the wall shadows toggle on.

Likewise the Gloom option can be toggled from the Options menu (you can also press G to turn Gloom on and bring up the Gloom sliders to edit gloom settings). Lastly you can add objects with lights attached to them.

Let's talk just a little more about Gloom. You can think of gloom as a kind of colored fog that needs to be on for lights added to a dungeon to be seen. The Gloom edit controls let you select different colors for gloom from a drop down menu as well as playing with how thick the gloom fog is.
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