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Tutorial - Power Keys

Del - Delete object. If your cursor is over an object, regardless of layer, then pressing the Del key will delete it from the map.

R - Rotate edit object.

G - Edit Gloom Mode.

ESC - Exit Adjust mode or Edit Gloom mode.
floor tutorial image
A - Adjust mode. When on the Sprite or Token layer you can put your cursor over an object on that layer and press the 'A' key to put that item into Adjust Mode. When in adjust mode you can press 'R' to rotate that object, 'Del' to delete that object and you can click and drag the object with your mouse to move that object to another spot. Press 'ESC' to get out of Adjust Mode.

P - Pick. Pick up whatever object is under the cursor. Make that objects layer active and set it as the current object to edit with. Handy for quickly grabbing an object already in the map if you know you want to lay down more of the same.

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