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TGDT is a value pack software package that bundles Dungeon Demon and The Timeline FX Editor together in a bundle for $49.99, a savings of $30 if you were to buy these two great pieces of software together!

Click any of the images below to be taken to more information about either the RPG map making tool, Dungeon Demon, or the particle effects generator, Timeline FX Editor! Buy them singly or return here to purchase the bundled package!

Timeline FX Particle Editor

The Timeline FX particle editor is a superb particle effects editor that comes with dozens of premade particle effects that can be used as is or as a jumping off point for creating your own particle masterpieces. TFX includes the ability to output bitmap animations for those looking for a quick and easy way to get amazing looking effects into their games in a hurry. Output bitmap animations can be prescaled and output in the frame count that your game needs from within TFX!

Dungeon Demon

Dungeon Demon is an object oriented map making editor that enables quick generation of great looking 2d maps. Multiple layers, critter instancing, collision grid output, XML map format and lots of both free and low cost, professional dungeon artwork make this a great tool for your next Flash title or pencil and paper RPG adventure game! Dungeon Demon comes with a free forever upgrade policy and a list of upcoming new features can be found here.

Both Timeline FX and Dungeon Demon are being used to develop Dungeon Brawl, a browser based arcade/RPG game written in Flash. Click here to play Dungeon Brawl!
Click on the Buy link below to be taken to buy The Game Designers Toolkit for $49.99!
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