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Dungeon Brawl


They have called you barbarian for so long now that even you can't remember your given name. Of course, the life of a barbarian does involve a few knocks to the head so your memory isn't what it once was. You were always a bright kid, kind of too bright to be wandering around a dungeon in a loin cloth, bashing away at whatever slimey thing has crept up behind you in the dark. Your family was so very disappointed - you had the candle power to be an alchemist or maybe even a high wizard. But you had always loved adventure and a desk job really wasn't your calling.

Your cousins had a field day - laughed their asses off when you announced that you were going to be a hero. It may have been the bravest thing you ever did, heading off to a barbarian apprenticeship with old Krakel, the whole family looking on in disbelief.

Anyhow. You made the right choice for you and that's all a fella can do in this world. You live by your wits, you are in tremendous shape and you are prospering. And that loin cloth get up does wonders for your love life, you get a lot of leg these days that a cushy job wearing a robe and developing a soft middle just wouldn't have gotten you. And you kids at home! Don't tell your mom I told you that last bit. Seriously. Don't tell her.

So this is it. Your first solo dungeon bash, hopefully you can remember everything old Krakel taught you before he caught that battle axe to the back of his head. Too bad about that but he really shouldn't have been working so close to you in that melee with those half-orcs... Oh well, mistakes happen.

Good luck in there, try not to get killed too quickly or the last thing you'll hear is the laughter of those damned cousins telling you that you should have stayed home mixing sulfur with powdered eye of newt and calcified bat wing.

What? You're still here? I suppose you want to know how to get around in here hunh? OK. Walk around the place using the arrow keys or WASD. Swing your battle axe by clicking on critters that are close to you and shoot any arrows you might have by clicking on critters that are further away. Just walk over coins, keys and other loot that you might see. Click on chests to smash them open and get gold and treasure. If you have rage gems then press the space bar to activate your mighty rage attack which will get more and more impressive as you level up! Press the escape key to bring up Ye Old Shoppe where you can buy additional healing potions, arrows, rage gems and training when you have enough experience to advance to the next level!

Good luck, keep your head in there. Get it? Keep your head... oh, never mind.
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