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Dungeon Brawl


Dungeon Brawl is an easy to play retro arcade dungeon romp. Dungeon Brawl is the perfect arcade snack when you are ready to take a quick break from leveling up your 75th level Death Knight in World of Warcraft!

Gameplay is simple. WASD or arrows to move your barbarian hero around the dungeon, use your mouse cursor and click on monsters to attack them with either your battle-axe or arrows depending upon your distance from the monster. If you aren't moving then your barbarian will auto-attack anything close enough to hit with his battle-axe.

Press certain keys has the following effect:

X - Invoke your powerful quake attack
Z - Activate halo shield
C - Activate fire attacks
ESC - In game store
M - Toggle music on and off
N - Toggle sound effects on and off
Space - Toggle auto attack (on by default)

Your character will gain experience as you kill monsters and perform other feats. New levels will allow you to take more damage as your hit points will be increased.

Press the escape key to bring up the in game store where you can buy additional healing potions, arrows, quake attacks, fire attacks and halo shields! You can also enable auto-buying which will automatically buy any item that you try to use if you don't currently have enough and can also be used to automatically buy health potions that your character will take when needed - very handy in the middle of a large battle when you are down to 1 point of health!
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