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Endless Empires is a turn based strategy wargame involving risk, strategy, diplomacy, cunning and luck. If you have played games like Risk™, Conquer Club™ or Lux™ then you will know the basics. The basic game play paradigm has been extended with additional game play options.

Take over all regions on the map you are playing on to win!


Endless Empires is a turn based strategy wargame involving risk, strategy, diplomacy, cunning and luck. If you have played games like Risk™, Conquer Club™ or Lux™ then you will know the basics. The basic game play paradigm has been extended with additional game play options.

The game will start up in attract mode with several AI's playing against each other. As you have already discovered, you can wiggle the mouse to move on to starting the game or launching the tutorial as you have already done!

Endless Empires is a turn based game. Each turn is broken down into a number of phases. In the first phase the game will award you with new armies that you can deploy - see production below for specifics and details about how the game determines how many men you get to deploy at the start of your turn. If, at the beginning of your turn you have at least 3 spoils of war cards that form a set then you can turn those in for extra troops - see Spoils of War below for more details.

After deploying you can choose to either attack or to move on the fortification phase. You can attack more than once from any territory that you control that has at least 2 armies in it that also borders a neighboring country that you don't control. See Attacking below for more details.

When you are done attacking you go to fortification phase where you can move one set of troops from one country that you own to another. You can also skip fortification and just end your turn.

Initial Deployment:

At the beginning of the game every region will have players randomly distributed with 3 troops per region. No player will have more territories than another, extra regions will be assigned to white or neutral players who do not attack but who can be attacked. Some starting positions are randomly better than others. When the gods of chaos smile upon you and give you a favorable starting position you are said to have been given a 'good drop'. The WWII Europe map always starts with a single neutral troop in Switzerland.


At the start of every turn you will receive additional troops. For every 3 countries that you hold you will receive 1 additional troop. Additionally you will get bonus troops for holding complete territories - you can see the territory values in the Legend map which you can also see in game by clicking on the L icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Region Bonuses:

The legend shows you the territory bonuses you can earn for holding entire territories. For example, if you look at the yellow colored regions that make up Portugal and Spain in the map below you can see that your territory bonus would be 2. Similarly the light brown regions in the lower left corner of the map that make up North Africa also earn their holder a territory of bonus 2 additional troops every turn.


At the start of every turn you will be awarded 3 or more troops to add to your positions on the game map. You can deploy them in any fashion you want to any of your currently held regions.


You can attack any region that doesn't belong to you from any neighbouring region that has at least 2 troops in it. Your attacks are based upon the computer rolling 1 die for every attacker over 1 that you have, to a maximum of 3 dice. The defender rolls defense dice, one dice for every defender to a maximum of 2. Rolls are compared and matched highest for highest, 2nd highest again 2nd highest and the losers remove 1 troop for each losing dice. Ties go to the defender. Endless Empires has an "Attack Until Done" option that lets you resolve large dice rolls quickly so 50 troops vs. 45 don't mean you have to hit the Attack Once button over and over.

When done attacking you can enter the fortification phase.


After you are done attacking you can either End Turn or Fortify. Fortification allows you to move one or more troops from one location to an adjoining location.

Spoils of War:

After a turn where you take at least one territory you will receive a colored spoils territory (unless playing a no-spoils game). Collect 3 spoils of all different colors (yellow, red blue) or 3 spoils of the same color and you can turn them in at the beginning of your deployment phase. You will be awarded 2 troops per spoils card turned in on that territory and an additional bonus based upon the type of spoils game you are playing, the spoils cards you are turning in and the state of the game.

When you have five cards you must turn in spoils. If you take out another player in your turn and thus end up with five or more cards mid-turn then you must turn in at least one set at that point. NOTE: With 5 cards it is impossible to not have some kind of matching set.

Hud Explained:

In the lower right hand corner of the game screen is your HUD (Heads Up Display). You are always the Blue player and you can look at the blue text to see your statistics. The first number, in this case 14, is your region count. The second number, in this case 42, is your total troop count, the third number, the 7, is your current troop bonus and the last number, the 3, is your Spoils of War card count. You may notice these numbers changing when the AI players take their turn as they might take regions that belong to you which would affect your region count, your troop count and potentially your troop bonus for your next turn.
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