Real Estate Empire
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Business Empire - Beta5 - 45 Minutes

Real Estate Empire - 15 Minutes

Deck - 7 Minutes

Welcome to Rusty Axe Games!

Two bits of news this month. On the Tomb of Doom front I am still playtesting the first dungeon. "What's that?" you say, "wasn't it supposed to be out this Spring?" TOD while be staying in the oven a bit longer as I am finding more things that I want to do with the game. The current plan sees TOD out for a BETA release in August on the Itch platform. In the meantime please enjoy the front cover of the latest Barbarian Quarterly!

In Business Empire news I have tweaked and uploaded the following changes which I hope everyone will enjoy.

1. Shops now show how much equity will increase after a quality improvement.

2. Slight decrease to cost of renovating small house ($55K to $50K).

3. Slight increase to cost of renovating duplex ($55K to $65K).

4. Increased rents on duplexes so each unit is now ~$200 behind a comparable quality small house.

5. Boosted offers in good and hot markets.

6. Made 5 star properties attract tenants faster and lose them less often.

7. Gross income on property screen is now labelled Gross Income instead of just income.

Until next time,