Real Estate Empire

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Business Empire - Beta5 - 45 Minutes

Real Estate Empire - 15 Minutes

HouseFlip - 10 Minutes

Welcome to Rusty Axe Games and... Happy Holidays!

Houseflip is back, hope you enjoy it!

In other news I'm working on a brand new game! Tomb of Doom is a competitive dungeon crawling game that can be played in under an hour and will launch in first-playable form early in the new year.

Real Estate Empire is an easy to learn game where you buy properties that you can update or renovate to increase their rents and sales values. Keep an eye on the economy because you can pick up bargains in a down economy and sell for more profit when the economy is booming! Gentrify a whole neighborhood to turbo boost your earnings and buy complementary businesses to improve your... Real Estate Empire!

Looking for something a little meatier? Business Empire has you covered. Think Real Estate Empire on steroids. Credit ratings, lines of credit, mortgages, cash versus working capital, more business types to improve your empire aspirations... When you have 45 minutes to an hour to sink your teeth into a game Business Empire is what you are looking for!

Houseflip is a fast playing financial strategy game with a twist! You start with limited actions but can get more by hitting in game goals. Earn rental income to unlock new, more profitable neighborhoods!