Real Estate Empire

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Business Empire - Beta5 - 45 Minutes

Real Estate Empire - 30 Minutes

Welcome to Rusty Axe Games!

2/15/2024 Some of you may have noticed that I've been playing Real Estate Empire daily this month - the plan is to update the game on March 1st as follows:

- Bank interest rate bump, 1% to maybe 4%.

- Decrease property values a little in Kalum Lake neighborhood so that it is easier to move from the lower half of town into the more expensive neighborhoods - the gap just feels a little big right now.

- Tune contractor up, probably increasing starting cash from $150K to $200K.

- Tune realtor down, probably dropping the rental bonus from 50% to 25%.

Real Estate Empire is an easy to learn game where you buy properties that you can update or renovate to increase their rents and sales values. Keep an eye on the economy because you can pick up bargains in a down economy and sell for more profit when the economy is booming! Gentrify a whole neighborhood to turbo boost your earnings and buy complementary businesses to improve your... Real Estate Empire!

Looking for something a little meatier? Business Empire has you covered. Think Real Estate Empire on steroids. Credit ratings, lines of credit, mortgages, cash versus working capital, more business types to improve your empire aspirations... When you have 45 minutes to an hour to sink your teeth into a game Business Empire is what you are looking for!