Hi, my name is Lennard Feddersen and I make games under the Rusty Axe Games banner.

I've been making games since the early 80's when I discovered the Apple II computer lab in my high school. A few strokes of luck in the form of a high school teacher who was willing and able to teach a 6502 summer camp course and another teacher in my local junior college who knew what he was doing and I was off and running.

My first commercial games were primarily "ports" of arcade games to the Apple II and later the C64 for Quicksilver Software.

Next I was a contract programmer for Realtime Associates on NES games like Dick Tracy, Rocketeer, Caesar's Palace and SNES games including Beavis and Butthead, Q-Bert and Captain America. Also during that time I worked on a game called Dark Seed based upon the artwork of H.R. Geiger.

From 1995 through 1997 I worked at Virgin in Irvine California where I was on the team that created Grandslam Baseball for the Sega Saturn, Playstation 1 and PC.

Following that I moved to Santa Cruz and I worked for Midway Games West as a programmer on Dreamcast and Playstation II versions of Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy.

My last mainstream gig was at Cryptic Studios working on game play code for the game that would eventually become City of Heroes.

These days I work on the games you can find on this site and that is what I expect I will do for the foreseeable future. I was lucky to come of age in the era of the 6502 and I still count myself as lucky to be able to spend my time working on the games you can find on this site. I hope you enjoy them.


Matthew Chavez provided most of the artwork on my first few indie games including Battle Castles, Big$hot and the original Real Estate Empire. Some of his work still exists on this site today.

Retrostyle Games worked on a number of projects for me including the backdrop map I am currently using for Real Estate Empire.

Nikky Oryzano has done a number of projects for me in the past few years including all of the houses in Real Estate Empire and Houseflip.

Fikri Ar provided art services for the buildings and logo on Business Empire.

The map in MLS view in Business Empire is based upon output from the OpenStreetMap project. You can find out more about the OpenStreetMap project here!


These days I use a lot of free tools including the Atom text editor, the XAMPP Apache distribution, Gimp for quick image editing and FileZilla for file transfer.

I've recently starting using Affinity Photo and Designer, mostly Photo, and more and more I find myself reaching for Affinity Photo.

I use a number of Google Fonts on this site using their fast loading and free CDN service. Thanks Google!