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7/3/2022: A big update to Business Empire,  read about it here!
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Cookies are now used on this in order to serve AdInPlay ads! Your IP address is used to help save a unique game file on the game server this site is hosted on. Your location is also looked up using your IP address in case your city has a sponsor (see ads above). That's all folks!
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This website is supported by fast loading partner ads and blog sponsors as described below.

Why ads? For me side of page ads are the easiest solution to the problem of how I pay for my time, the time of others who work on games on this site and other costs associated with the games that I provide. I've been making games since the early 80's and at this point in my career delivering games over the web and into the Chrome browser (I build and test all of my games on Chrome) is the easiest way for me to spend most of my time doing what I want. Namely, making games that people can come and enjoy for free.

For me as a game developer the browser hits the sweet spot in terms of being able to provide the kinds of games I make on a lot of devices and being able to efficiently push updates to all players immmediately.

Partner Ads:

Partner ads are the six ads you see on the left hand side of all of the games on this site. I limit the number of ad slot partnerships to ensure that I provide at least a half million ad impressions for each advertiser over the course of a year.

Becoming an ad partner costs $5 USD a month and you can join here!!


Realtors, give your site visitors a reason to come back to your site day after day!

A $99 yearly sponsorship (paid via Paypal) rebrands this website for all traffic coming from a specific town. What this means is that your logo replaces the Rusty Axe Games logo wherever it appears and you get the top partner ad on all games that your visitors play.

Sponsorships are limited to one per town and current sponsors are able to renew before expiration. Contact me via message on Facebook.

* I reserve the right to decline ad content that might be deemed offensive to my player base.

** In the very unlikely circumstance that a sponsor drives so much traffic that my game server is overloaded then I will either conclude our agreement at the end of that year or offer that sponsor the option to pay to have their traffic hosted on a second server dedicated to their traffic alone.