It is 10/10/2022 and I am playtesting Business Empire. I am frustrated that the game isn't as fun as it should be even though, as a design, I know that all of the parts are there.

As I play the game and try to get from here (not fun) to there (very fun game that lots of people come and play every day) here is what I want the player to be thinking about and the information that I want the game to be illuminating on a turn by turn basis.


1. Are residential units I own rented? If not are they at least 3 star quality? FYI, units below 3 stars in quality attract tenants more slowly and are at greater risk of losing them on a month by month basis.

2. Is inventory for coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations and/or supermarkets currently cheap? If so can I, as a player, stock up if I have extra cash kicking around (answer is currently no).

3. Are there good deals on any properties that I can afford?

4. Are there more biz available of a type I already own which will increase profitability of all businesses of that type.

5. Are there synergistic businesses that I might buy (construction company, realtor, property management, media company and accounting agency) that will yield ongoing benefits to my business empire?

6. Is the economy strong? If so should I be selling off weaker properties so I am in a better cash position to buy bigger properties/fund bigger projects, going forward?

7. Should I improve quality on a business I already own to increase profitability of that business?

8. Should I upgrade or reno a residential property I own?

9. In addition the Funds: amount is confusing due to bugs and the fact that funds are different than cash (because of Line of Credit) and currently cash is required for a down payment on purchasing a new property.


1. Add tenant icon to rented properties.

2. Drop COGS all together as a feature of the game. I never think about COGS fluctuations as I play the game.

3. Right now there are two states - hot deal (property is offered @ below market value) and cold deal (property is offered @ above market). Add below market but not hot (ie. remove flames from icon for properties < 4% below market) and above market but not cold (ie. remove ice from icon for properties < 4% above market).

4. Add star to upper left corner of biz types that I already own when they are for sale.

5. Add star to upper left corner of synergistic biz when they are for sale.

6. Probably as good as it gets - do nothing.

7. Currently a business doesn't tell me how much more profit I will get from it if I improve quality. This would be an additional table on the already crowded property screen. Think about how to accomplish this.

8. Probably as good as it gets - do nothing.

9. Fix funds to always be accurate. Remove cash stipulation for down payments by taking down payments from funds (funds are cash + LOC - funding commitments to ongoing projects).