I have a limited number of ad spots for $30 USD for a year long subscription.

Ads are shown a minimum of 20K times each month to an audience that is typically 4,000+ unique visitors every month.

Your ad can link to a URL of your choosing or to a custom web page* on my server which can have one or more links! Ads are 160x160 images (scaled with aspect ratio preserved) placed on the LHS of each page during game play.

In May of 2024 the site saw 4,325 unique visitors and served 719,771 pages.

Interested parties may contact me at Lennard followed by the URL of this site. I reserve the right to decline an ad for any reason at my sole discretion.

* custom web page is an advertiser supplied html file of no more than 1000 words which may contain up to 3 images which are linked to from a remote site (ie. I don't host your images on my site).